Star Shammy
#WA503 20 in. x 20 in.

  • 20 inch x 20 inch multi-use, micro-fiber, miracle chamois.
  • Reusable shammy.
  • Machine washable
  • Dries streak-free on glass and mirrors.
  • Great cleaning cloth giveaway
Production Time: 15 Working Days
75 $5.57 each
150 $5.23 each
250 $4.97 each
500 $4.77 each
$50.00 each
The Star Shammy is a multi-use, micro-fiber, miracle chamois! The star shaped fiber picks up dirt molecule by molecule. Use the item dry for lint and dust removal, use damp to wring out water. Dries streak-free on glass and mirrors. Polish kitchen and bathroom fixtures or clean computers and screens. Plus, this novel giveaway can be used as an auto chamois for spot free water removal. Don’t forget to add on a personal message or company logo. USA Made.


1.) Car Sales, Real Estate, Car Washes, Detailers, Body Shops. The Star Shammy will keep client's name in the vehicle while providing a useful tool for spotless paint, streak free glass and detailing inside and out.

2.) Cleaning services, Computer, TV / Camera Sales, or IT / Repair Shops.

3.) And don't forget anyone that needs to be called frequently, I.E. Pizza Delivery, Banks, Pharmacies, Home Repair, Doctors. Use it as your self-promotion. The Star Shammy will keep your client's name near the computer monitor or touchscreen, even in the kitchen!

4.) Last, but not least, Optometrists and Optical services. The Star Shammy will be in pocket or purse ready to clear raindrops, fog, lint and makeup.

Easy to use and sell with new icon instructions!

Durable. Reusable. Machine wash. Machine dry. Lint Free.
Use DRY for Cell Phones, Monitors and Eye Glasses
Use DAMP (water or glass cleaner) for Counters, streak and spot free Windows and Mirrors, and Automobiles, inside and out.
Use MOIST (soapy water or solvent) for tough grime on Bikes, in Bathrooms and Kitchens.

Normal Production Time
15 Working Days

Product Size
20" x 20"

Country of Manufacture
United States

Additional Information
Use dry for lint & dust removal. Use damp. Wring out water. Dries streak-free on glass and mirrors. Polish kitchen & bathroom fixtures. *Do not use printed side on plastic lenses until washed once Clean computers and screens. SIA: 10" x 10".

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